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Body Conditioning

Members holding hands and squatting pulling away from each other

Fun and friendly group exercise. Come to one of our body conditioning classes and work together as a team to keep fit.

No two classes are ever the same. And this class is suitable for everyone. So if you want to add in a mid-week or weekend workout to your fitness schedule and want to work together with others to keep motivated, check this class out.

This class is totally family friendly. On Sundays you can also bring the kids! They can join our fun footy for kids session for £5 leaving you to focus on enjoying the class while your kids also have a great time.

On Tuesdays we also welcome mums with their little ones in their buggies. Our trainers are fully qualified for post natal fitness, so we can make sure you return to exercise at a pace that suits you.

Suitable for all fitness levels.

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