*FASTER Running

*FASTER Running

Quit the Gym members running towards the camera on a playing field

Running requires the coordination of all the muscles in your body. Quit the Gym’s ‘FASTER!’ training sessions include running-specific conditioning exercises to improve your running economy; helping you run faster and further whilst using the same amount of energy. This helps to increase your strength, speed and power, to prevent injuries and to elevate your endurance.

The FASTER! sessions will also work on your core muscles (the abdominal and lower back muscles). These muscles are constantly working during a run. They stabilise your trunk so you can efficiently move your legs and arms. Therefore, a stronger core results in a faster and more effective runner.

So if you want to be a faster runner it is vital to include strength and conditioning exercises as part of a running training program.
Simply going for a run and building your distance up is not enough – so join Quit the Gym’s FASTER! sessions.

*FASTER! is our only paid-for session and is available during the summer months. £3 members, £5 non-members.

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