QtG is more than an outdoor workout group, it’s a fun and supportive community where members are there for each other and where friendships are formed, valued and nurtured. QtG embodies a love for fitness coupled with giggles and laughter so no one is left alone. The members are from all walks of life and all ages and they come together as a family. Whatever the weather, rain or shine, snow or windy, QtGers keep going. There is always someone to motivate you. QtG is not just a fitness group, it’s a place where you get away from the chaos of life, get some fresh air, bring new energy into your life – so you can face the challenges life throw at you! 🙂


Quit the Gym classes have a great balance of motivation, discipline and fun and cater really well to mixed classes, stretching those who want to be pushed and working with others just getting back into exercise. They’re also curiously addictive – a welcome change to the same old gym routines!

David P

I love the friendly atmosphere of Quit the Gym. It really motivates me to come back again and again.


Quit the Gym is a fun, friendly and motivational way to kick start your exercise regime. It’s great to have the variety of instructors, not one session is the same, and to be pushed at your own ability. I highly recommend it and look forward to meeting some new faces.

Faye F

I joined Quit the Gym after attending one of the trial sessions as I found it to be a brilliant alternative to the regular gym that I had previously attended and SO much better value for money. The instructors ensure that you don’t get bored by varying classes from week to week, they can show you easier variations if you’re struggling or push you if you find it too easy. Highly recommended.

Abbie P

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