QtG runs the Ealing Eagles Gunnersbury Park 10k

A few Quit the Gym’ers recently ran the Ealing Eagles Gunnersbury 10k. Our keen correspondent, David P, tells us how it was…

What better way to prove those sets of squats, lunges and those dreadful double-dip squat jump thingummyjigs are worthwhile than a cheeky 10k in the ‘hood?


That was the thinking – maybe – when a few QtG’ers braved the Ealing Eagles 10k last Sunday in Gunnersbury Park. It might not be a marathon, but three fast laps around quite a hilly park with some of West London’s worst kept paths still knocks me for six, especially when the Council – rather inconsiderately, in my view – didn’t think to warn me that the grass had just been cut, the one thing guaranteed to set off hay fever (cue lame excuse no. 1 for not beating the old PB).


Our friend Super Sam flew the QtG flag – not literally, of course, as Eamonn still has it – to start off proceedings with a lunge-tastic warm-up, battling valiantly against a handheld microphone which refused to work unless you happened to be one James Cracknell, for whom it seemed to work worked perfectly – foul play on Cracknell’s part, I say.


Anyhow, warmed up and (in my case) quite sneezy, we started the race and, in spite of said poorly maintained paths, got around in one piece with respectable times all round. Yay! Thankfully, our returning Swede and fellow QtG’er, Hanna, provided encouragement in the form of flapjacks to get me round and I did it, despite losing sight of not one but two of the cheery pacers in the process. Boo! Had I not broken the age-old habit of wearing a QtG bib (cue lame excuse no. 2), I would of course have been storming past them both. Possibly.


Next up: Osterley Park 10K on Sat 20th June. Who’s in? Everyone welcome, lame excuses included.

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