Who Are We? @ Quit The Gym

Who is Quit The Gym?

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Founded: 2011

Location: Ealing, West London.

About: Quit the Gym offers fun and friendly outdoor fitness classes in parks in West London.


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Quit the Gym was started to give people an alternative to hot, sweaty, soulless gyms.   Born of a desire to HELP YOU GET FIT, rather than being bullied into another twenty sit-ups, Quit the Gym is a FUN way to EXERCISE, OUTDOORS, with FRIENDLY INSTRUCTORS keen to help you achieve the results you want.



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This isn't a bootcamp, no-one will shout at you because you're not trying hard enough. All we want is for you to get fit and have fun doing it.  Based in West London, we think there is a better way to get fit than spending hours on a treadmill and doing the same old circuit on the weights machines.  If this is ringing bells for you then get yourself down to one of our parks and give it a go.



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Our Mission ....... To create a fun, healthy way to exercise outdoors and provide motivation for our customers to achieve their fitness goals.   Outdoor Fitness Classes - Join the Movement